Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year. We are so blessed with such great family, and it was wonderful to spend the day with them! John, unfortunately, got called into the hospital in the morning, so the kids and I missed spending time with him putting around the house and watching the parade. On the bright side, he got done in time to meet us in New Bremen at Kevin and Connie's for lunch. We had quite the spread, with two turkeys (one smoked) and a huge table of just dessert/snack stuff. We were all rightfully stuffed, to say the least (: One thing that I remember from being little at Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd's was going outside after lunch with all of the men and playing a big game of two hand touch football in their side yard, which made the perfect football field! I always liked that the men let us in on the game, and I am so glad that the tradition continues. All of the guys and kids went outside for some football, and the women kicked back at the table and chatted (and maybe snacked, too, but who's counting?!) Normally, we also head outside for a nice walk, but for some reason that didn't happen this year-we ran out of time!
For supper, we headed over to Van Wert to Butch & Bobbie's for more delicious food and fun times. We always have a hoot with these guys! They have the biggest sectional couch in the world, ever- and we always are fighting over seats, wrestling, goofing off, or cuddling (as you'll see below!) on it! Korrey also played some guitar for us, which we always enjoy! This year, he and I collaborated and performed 'Guitar by The Sea', and I think I've convinced him to switch genres!!
John and Jim getting cozyGwyneth really liked Korrey

She likes Bobbie,too- but was trying to get down to play!
Dad-kickin' back
Charlene showing Zylee to Camdyn All in all, not a bad day!!

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