Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I don't like it when Christmas decorations, music, really anything is unveiled before Thanksgiving! The older I get, the more it bothers me! I specifically do not put anything out until the day after Thanksgiving, as I try really hard to focus on Thanksgiving, and what it means to me(more than food and football!) BUT- the day after Thanksgiving, I'm usually chomping at the bit to switch gears around here. The tree goes up, the music comes on, the blog layout is changed (: This year, I was sick on Friday, so no tree. Last night, we FINALLY got around to getting the tree up! We didn't get the decorations up. One step at a time! I love to get the Christmas boxes out and rummage through them. There are so many things that I forgot about, so things are like new to me! It's like Christmas all over again!
I snapped a few pictures, just because!
Gotta love a pre-lit tree!
The boys (HELPING!- break the Christmas tree box! ha) They were evidentally riding in a ship here. Tonight we actually decorated the tree. That was no small task! We use all glass bulbs, and I refuse to decorate only the top half or build a fence around my tree so the little ones won't bother it! John and I were guessing how many times the tree is going to fall over this year!

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Elizabeth said...

You're ahead of me! Glad you got to get it all up.