Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas #1: Christmas Eve

We celebrated this year with 6 Christmas Get-Togethers in 5 Days! We started out at Brent & Sharon's for Christmas Eve in the evening. We had a great time visiting and eating delicious Mexican Food.
Papa Brent was getting Gwyneth to make funny faces. But I think at this point, she was done with it!!
Hutch drew a picture for the outside of Brent & Sharon's present. Here he is explaining what it is.
Gwyneth got a doll from Whit & Carolyn. She LOVES it!
The boys got binoculars and compasses from Whit & Carolyn. Craig was checking them out, and I almost blinded him with the flash. Oops!
Haydn, getting instructions from Granny Sharon

This is a horrible picture, BUT, Willshire puts out luminaries all along Main Street and out of town on Christmas Eve. It is so beautiful, and we love to see them each year. We stayed until late, and then we drove around Rockford when we got home for a little while looking at Christmas lights.

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