Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing tag

Paula tagged me! What a fun game-

Here are the answers I came up with (this is harder than it looks people)

**3 Joys**
(Only three?!!)
1. Staying at home with my children while they are little
2.Coming home after a trip
3.Knowing that I will spend eternity in heaven

**3 Fears**
1. My family members and friends getting in car accidents
2. Mice!
**3 Goals**
1. Raise godly children.
2. To put my degree to use someday and get a teaching job.
3. Being the old couple who are still deeply in love with each other-and everyone can tell.
**3 Obsessions**
1.I'm slighty germaphobic (is that how you spell that?)
2. coffee
3. I have to always wear shoes. I can barely stand to walk barefoot!

**3 Random surprising facts**
1. I like Frank Sinatra
2. I've only been away from Gwyneth for about 4 hours. total.
3.I love my life (does that count as one?)
okay I'll do another one just in case it doesn't
3.I love to cook and try new recipes, and I'm so thankful that John will try whatever I make
I tag: Jackie.
And anyone else who is reading this with a blog. And, if you're reading this and you don't have a should so I can keep up with your family too!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week in Review

Camdyn is WALKING (almost running/jumping) and Kicking balls at 10 months! He is such a little guy!

On Tuesday we enjoyed a picnic and playing at the park in Decatur after the dentist (No Cavities. Yay!)

Gwyneth has a tooth! It popped through Sunday morning.
Daddy admiring his little girl
This morning we watched Lainey's soccer game. She is a good little player. She's aggressive and has good skills. And, Tiffany makes a great soccer mom (;Last night we stopped at Phil and Darcie's house to help them pack and visit. They moved today. We will definitely miss them!!
The kids were playing outside like crazy all night, and they were FILTHY to prove it!
Hutch and Evan

Haydn and Halle

We love you guys!! God be with you till we meet again!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Limaland Racing

St. Rita's has a St. Rita's Night at Limaland Motorsports Park for its employees once a year. The kids and I met John there after John's work. Lock Sixteen caters the cookout, which we all went to. Gwyneth and I went shopping for awhile while the boys watched the actual racing. (I heart Kohl's)
Double Trouble waiting for the races to start
The first thing the boys told me about was the WRECK. John said it was pretty dramatic, but thankfully nobody was hurt.
We met back up in Delphos to carry on our little tradition we've started. We stop at Mickey D's in Delphos afterwards for ice cream and playland!
Ice Cream
Actually, the boys' consisted of three or four licks of ice cream, and then let it sit while mom and dad "babysit" it until we decide that we just can't keep up everyone's ice cream so they better come get one more lick before it goes in the trash-and then they come get one more lick and throw it in the trash and then a WHOLE BUNCH of playland
Mom and Dad had fun chatting at the picnic table and playing with Gwyneth
Gwyneth had to check out the ice cream that John was eating
We should have seen this coming! She had chocolate ALL OVER her hand and was very adamant about eating it! She almost got it, but daddy got her cleaned up just in time!
A silly picture with daddy! Look at that belly!
Mommy and her shopping buddy! (:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Dad.The Umpire

My dad is the best!!! In his free time (ha ha) he umpires girls' softball and refs basketball. He has done this for probably 12 years, and I have never ever watched him!! I know I sound like a bad child, but there is a valid reason. I always tell my dad that I'm afraid that I'll get in a fight with a mouthy fan (: Anyone who knows Larry knows that he hasn't a mean bone in him. I don't think I could watch people yell at him! He claims that they don't because he's so good! I believe that he is good, but I know how people are! The other night he was umping in Rockford, and he asked us to come watch! He assured me that summer ball is pretty laid back. It was funny how nervous I was to watch him. He did a GREAT job, and it was weird to see my dad in a totally different side of his life.
He IS a great ump. He had the honors of umpiring (is that a word??) the Girls High School State Tournament last month. Dad, I am so proud of you! You're the best!


Remember the Robin's Eggs? Well, they hatched. The kids couldn't be more thrilled. All I can say is the eggs were MUCH cuter!

Gwyneth 4 1/2 months

Have I told you how much I enjoy "girl time" with Gwyneth?! The other day when the boys were outside, we had a little photo shoot!

She loves her toes. Usually she has them in her mouth!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Day at the Zoo!

On Father's Day, we made a trip to the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo. We LOVE going to the zoo, and had a great time. The weather was perfect, and the kids were pretty well behaved (: The MOST exciting part is that we became members of the zoo, so we can go back whenever we want! We also get free admission to the bigger zoos around. Oh yeah!
The obligatory picture with the orangutan. Hutch, of course, had to sit on his head!Gwyneth and I hung out on the bridge while the boys took the log ride in the Australian outback. John fit right in there with his hat.
Looking for sea lionsGwyneth and Daddy. Her first Father's Day.Gwyneth was such a peach the whole day. She just hung out, and would doze off here and there. Here is a picture right before she shut her eyes one time.
There was a little penguin that got out of the area he was supposed to be in, and was in the landscaping. Haydn pet him (whoops). I think this was Haydn's highlight of the day.Taking a little ice cream break. I think this was John's highlight of the day!
Hutch was really intrigued by the aquarium. We couldn't get him out of there. A pretty peacock we encountered on our way out.
Hutch was out by the time we left the parking lot!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Parades and more

Here's a cute picture of Hutch kissing his little sister Gwyneth.

He told me "mommy, we love Gwyneth. We love to take care of her!" He is such a nice brother

Gwyneth started eating cereal last week. She is starting to get the hang of it. She isn't as cereal-crazy as my boys were at first!

The other day, Gwyneth was crying and I laid her down on the floor because I had to do something quickly before I could feed her. I came back in five seconds later and she had turned over and was happy! It's like a carpet commercial.Haydn got a slip and slide racing thing for his birthday. John got it out for the boys and they had a BLAST!!

This past weekend was Rockford Days, and Haydn was chosen from his t-ball team to be on the float. We went uptown with John's mom and Brent and Sharon to watch him. He was so excited!
Hutch fell asleep while waiting!
Gwyneth with Granny SharonHutch was the only kid around, so for once he had no competition getting candy! Grandma Nancy helped him gather it up at a leisurely pace! He ended up with a HUGE HUGE HUGE pile! Haydn claims he didn't even see us, although all of us were yelling and waving. They were so caught up in winging candy that they weren't even paying attention. It was hilarious. Haydn is the one in the green shirt about ready to fall off the wagon. I didn't get a good picture between laughing so hard and protecting Gwyneth from candy!

We went to the festival in the park and rode rides and ate dinner. John had a blast on the slide with Hutch, but I left my camera in the van, accidentally.
We headed back home for a fire and then over across the road to the school yard to watch the fireworks. They were very impressive for a community our size.
I was so exicted to take pictures of them, since my camera has a fireworks setting. I mean, how often do you get to actually use that setting?! Most of them were blurry, so obviously I need more practice. But I thought this one looked cool even though it was blurry.
After the show! And time for bed!!