Saturday, June 19, 2010


..I hope my kids fully grasp the reality of how good they've got it when it comes to Dads.  Their Daddy is one of the best, and he loves them so dearly...
 and treats their Mommy with love and respect...
and he's a Christian example for them to follow.
Right now, they're too young to see that not everyone's Daddy is as great as theirs.  They just assume all dads are like theirs.  That all Daddys play with kids, pay attention to them, tuck them in every night, sing songs to them, tell them jokes, take them to church, kiss them when they're hurt, take them fun places, love to see them light up with excitement, want to be with them as much as they can, teach them things, listen to their stories, dream with them and for them. 
                                      Someday they'll realize it, I'm sure.  How can they not?! It's so obvious!

                               Happy Father's Day, John!  You're one of *the best*!!  We love you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Haydn's Birthday Cake

I know you know probably know this, but my mom ROCKS! (Hi Mom!)

We are having Haydn's 8th Birthday Party tonight and Sunday afternoon, and my mom had Haydn over last night to make his dirt bike cake.  This is THE BEST so far, I'd say ( I think I say that on every cake she does!)  She took the picture from his invitations and put it on a stick, so Haydn is riding down the cake.  Clever!!  We love it!

Check back for Party pictures!  I hope it doesn't rain!!!!! (:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Field Day

One of the last days of school, Haydn had a field day at the Football Stadium.  Gwyneth and I stopped in to check things out! 

We saw Haydn throw the football...
win the Sack Race...
win the wheelbarrow race...

and enjoyed a snow cone!!