Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad Boys

Wouldn't you like to sink your teeth into one of these bad boys?! 
You can!  I'm selling them at the Bake Sale tomorrow at Wal Mart in Van Wert 10-4!! 
(they are yummy! if I do say so myself)

I Lied!

My guys went to the Monster Truck show last weekend. Remember, I told you I was sending the camera with John? Well, that was a lie, because when I said the camera I meant, my new(er) camera. John insisted on taking the old(er) camera because he can pretty much fit it in his pocket. I was okay with that, but I just wanted to be up front with my vast amounts of readers. (; I wouldn't want to lead you astray!!!!

Now that that is cleared up, John told me when he came home that he wished he would have taken the camera. He couldn't really get any good pictures, and it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.

I nearly wept with joy at these words!!

On to the pictures!

This is taken with the camera right before they left.
Notice the ear protection.  John opted for the more discreet version (:

These were taken with the camera. (never mind the wrong date!!!???)  The boys loved getting to go to the Pit Party!  Woooohooo!!
They even got to ride in a Monster Truck!

They got autographs!
A great night!  When they got home, Hutch had already zonked out, and Haydn staggered straight to bed!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did you know we're going to Brazil?

Did you?  Because we are!!  (Well, John and I are, the kids aren't)
This summer, we are going with our Youth Group on a 2+week Missions Trip! 
And.. we're having a Bake Sale at Wal Mart in Van Wert THIS Saturday from 10-4
John and I will be working the 1-4 shift!  You should come visit, and take home some tasty treats for your friends and families!!!! (:

[poster made by me and my new Cricut machine!!]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Special Present

I told you in my last post that Hutch got to open one present on his birthday. 
Well, he did.
This is the story of that present!

He was surprised to find his penguin wrapped in the box!  (The boys constantly give me messages in these penguins.  Messages like,  "Mom, Where is the remote?"  "Can I go outside?"  "You R the best mom ever!" 
So he was shocked (he has such a poker face, though) that the penguin was giving him a message!
Papa Larry helped him figure it out.  The message told him to gather pieces of a puzzle throughout the house, as well as clues to the next piece. 
The clues sent him all over the house, gathering pieces of the puzzle
*I thought I'd pay him back by making HIM set off the penguin alarm for once (: 

Grandma Shirley was in on the action, too!

Don't open yet!!  Go to the table and figure out the clues to get your Birthday present!!

The puzzle:  Hutch-Green Circle-Dad-Haydn-Blue Car-Eye-Monster Truck

"Hutch" gets to "go" with "Dad" and "Haydn" in "Dad's Car" to "See" "Monster Trucks"!

"For real?"  That was Hutch's exact sentiment.

THEN it sunk in!!
and THEN Haydn realized that this was Hutch's coolest present EVERRRRRRR~

They're going tonight!!  I'm sending the camera with John! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

[note: this entry is edited to disguise innocent bystanders]
We had a *busy* weekend!  We had church, John had a men's retreat, and Hutch had 2 SpongeBob birthday parties!  I made a Krabby Patty cake for his party on Saturday night.  It was so much fun to make, and everyone enjoyed it! 

Saturday morning, my mom came and got Hutch so he could help her make his cake for his Sunday night birthday party.  I think they did a pretty stellar job myself!  She's becoming quite the cake lady! (:

Hutch with some of his presents

On his Birthday (Thursday night), we had Grandma Shirley and Papa Larry over for supper and a little celebration.  He opened one (special) present that night.  I'll tell you about that soon!

Our house was full of a bunch of wierdos!
[edited to disguise those not granting permission to be featured on my blog in such a manner (: ]

The kids had fun with a pinata!  This was a non-violent one.  The kids each got to pull a ribbon and only one opened the special "door"!

Hutch's new bicycle!  He also got a helmet and two ramps!!!

I just had to share John's balloon art! (:

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hutch is 5 today!!  Wow, I can't believe it!
[it says "I'm turning 5"]

Hutch is my sweet, silly, snuggly, self-sufficient, sensitive, selfless, sometimes shy, smart, and super creative middle child.  He is such a fun kid to be around, and he adds such a cool dimension to our family.  I am so thankful for Hutch!!  Yesterday, Haydn and I were walking through the hallway, and Hutch was in the bathroom, and since it was so nice outside, I had the window open.  He said (in a very excited voice), "Haydn!  I'm going outside to play because I hear sounds of spring!"  He makes me smile!

Here's my birthday boy watching cartoons this morning

Yesterday he was a "wolf hunter"!

I thought I'd share a picture(or two) from each month this past year of Hutch!













We love you, Hutch! 
(a picture of his baseball cupcakes for his school "celebration" yesterday)