Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trophy Mania!!

It seems like all I talk about are trophies and awards on here!!  I promise to talk about something different soon!

Haydn got 2nd place in the Pinewood Derby for Pack 98 in the Tiger Cubs last Saturday.  The derby was held at the High School's auditorium, which was really cool for the boys.  They had a photo finish set up at the end and everything.
John and Haydn put a lot of work into his car.  (I'd post a picture of it, but I didn't want to touch it, since he's still going to race it at Districts, which he qualified for) (:
This is serious stuff, people.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the day (I am a horrible "event" picture taker. Seriously)

Haydn, walking to the end to watch the race after placing his car on the track.  It was so cute because he was very serious and somber the whole time.  I love it!!

Getting his award!! Go Haydn!

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