Saturday, March 20, 2010

Special Present

I told you in my last post that Hutch got to open one present on his birthday. 
Well, he did.
This is the story of that present!

He was surprised to find his penguin wrapped in the box!  (The boys constantly give me messages in these penguins.  Messages like,  "Mom, Where is the remote?"  "Can I go outside?"  "You R the best mom ever!" 
So he was shocked (he has such a poker face, though) that the penguin was giving him a message!
Papa Larry helped him figure it out.  The message told him to gather pieces of a puzzle throughout the house, as well as clues to the next piece. 
The clues sent him all over the house, gathering pieces of the puzzle
*I thought I'd pay him back by making HIM set off the penguin alarm for once (: 

Grandma Shirley was in on the action, too!

Don't open yet!!  Go to the table and figure out the clues to get your Birthday present!!

The puzzle:  Hutch-Green Circle-Dad-Haydn-Blue Car-Eye-Monster Truck

"Hutch" gets to "go" with "Dad" and "Haydn" in "Dad's Car" to "See" "Monster Trucks"!

"For real?"  That was Hutch's exact sentiment.

THEN it sunk in!!
and THEN Haydn realized that this was Hutch's coolest present EVERRRRRRR~

They're going tonight!!  I'm sending the camera with John! 

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