Friday, March 26, 2010

I Lied!

My guys went to the Monster Truck show last weekend. Remember, I told you I was sending the camera with John? Well, that was a lie, because when I said the camera I meant, my new(er) camera. John insisted on taking the old(er) camera because he can pretty much fit it in his pocket. I was okay with that, but I just wanted to be up front with my vast amounts of readers. (; I wouldn't want to lead you astray!!!!

Now that that is cleared up, John told me when he came home that he wished he would have taken the camera. He couldn't really get any good pictures, and it wouldn't have been that big of a deal.

I nearly wept with joy at these words!!

On to the pictures!

This is taken with the camera right before they left.
Notice the ear protection.  John opted for the more discreet version (:

These were taken with the camera. (never mind the wrong date!!!???)  The boys loved getting to go to the Pit Party!  Woooohooo!!
They even got to ride in a Monster Truck!

They got autographs!
A great night!  When they got home, Hutch had already zonked out, and Haydn staggered straight to bed!!

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