Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

[note: this entry is edited to disguise innocent bystanders]
We had a *busy* weekend!  We had church, John had a men's retreat, and Hutch had 2 SpongeBob birthday parties!  I made a Krabby Patty cake for his party on Saturday night.  It was so much fun to make, and everyone enjoyed it! 

Saturday morning, my mom came and got Hutch so he could help her make his cake for his Sunday night birthday party.  I think they did a pretty stellar job myself!  She's becoming quite the cake lady! (:

Hutch with some of his presents

On his Birthday (Thursday night), we had Grandma Shirley and Papa Larry over for supper and a little celebration.  He opened one (special) present that night.  I'll tell you about that soon!

Our house was full of a bunch of wierdos!
[edited to disguise those not granting permission to be featured on my blog in such a manner (: ]

The kids had fun with a pinata!  This was a non-violent one.  The kids each got to pull a ribbon and only one opened the special "door"!

Hutch's new bicycle!  He also got a helmet and two ramps!!!

I just had to share John's balloon art! (:


The Evans Family said...

Great job on the cakes!!! I love,love,love the crabby patty!!

Mrs. Werts said...

He Thanks for the *sweet* picture of me on the internet...I appreciate it!!

Mrs. Werts said...

NICE FLOWER!!! At least that hideous picture of me is gone!! Love ya! Tiff