Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We've had a couple of bad storms this past week. There have been at least 6 confirmed tornado touchdowns in Van Wert County. The other night after the first storm, we drove around the block and snapped some cool sky pictures. It was so unreal.
There was a full beautiful rainbow that was so close to us, I could NOT get the whole thing in the picture! The sky was SOOOO purple inside the rainbow. It was amazing. I've never seen such purple vibrant clouds.
The Sunset was so eerie. Pictures never do the sky justice!
Saturday was Charlene's graduation party! Congratulations Charley! She had such a nice party, and it was great to see everyone.
Lainey and Gwyneth Papa and Nana's "two girls"!
Hutch snagging a gatorade
Jacob and Haydn in the pool. This was nice since it was SO HOT!

We were glad to see Aunt Frances there. Of course, the kids wouldn't sit still!! (:

Gwyneth got to play with Aunt Connie (I don't know who had more fun!) And Aunt Connie got to put her to sleep!

A cute one of Tiff and Camdyn

The next day, Bobbie invited us over after church to eat up leftovers. It was also mom's birthday, so we gave her a "birthday cake"!!! It oddly resembled Charlene's cake the night before. Papa staging a kiss with Hutch!
Eric, overly-excited to have his picture taken!!!

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