Monday, June 16, 2008

Parades and more

Here's a cute picture of Hutch kissing his little sister Gwyneth.

He told me "mommy, we love Gwyneth. We love to take care of her!" He is such a nice brother

Gwyneth started eating cereal last week. She is starting to get the hang of it. She isn't as cereal-crazy as my boys were at first!

The other day, Gwyneth was crying and I laid her down on the floor because I had to do something quickly before I could feed her. I came back in five seconds later and she had turned over and was happy! It's like a carpet commercial.Haydn got a slip and slide racing thing for his birthday. John got it out for the boys and they had a BLAST!!

This past weekend was Rockford Days, and Haydn was chosen from his t-ball team to be on the float. We went uptown with John's mom and Brent and Sharon to watch him. He was so excited!
Hutch fell asleep while waiting!
Gwyneth with Granny SharonHutch was the only kid around, so for once he had no competition getting candy! Grandma Nancy helped him gather it up at a leisurely pace! He ended up with a HUGE HUGE HUGE pile! Haydn claims he didn't even see us, although all of us were yelling and waving. They were so caught up in winging candy that they weren't even paying attention. It was hilarious. Haydn is the one in the green shirt about ready to fall off the wagon. I didn't get a good picture between laughing so hard and protecting Gwyneth from candy!

We went to the festival in the park and rode rides and ate dinner. John had a blast on the slide with Hutch, but I left my camera in the van, accidentally.
We headed back home for a fire and then over across the road to the school yard to watch the fireworks. They were very impressive for a community our size.
I was so exicted to take pictures of them, since my camera has a fireworks setting. I mean, how often do you get to actually use that setting?! Most of them were blurry, so obviously I need more practice. But I thought this one looked cool even though it was blurry.
After the show! And time for bed!!

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