Friday, June 20, 2008

Limaland Racing

St. Rita's has a St. Rita's Night at Limaland Motorsports Park for its employees once a year. The kids and I met John there after John's work. Lock Sixteen caters the cookout, which we all went to. Gwyneth and I went shopping for awhile while the boys watched the actual racing. (I heart Kohl's)
Double Trouble waiting for the races to start
The first thing the boys told me about was the WRECK. John said it was pretty dramatic, but thankfully nobody was hurt.
We met back up in Delphos to carry on our little tradition we've started. We stop at Mickey D's in Delphos afterwards for ice cream and playland!
Ice Cream
Actually, the boys' consisted of three or four licks of ice cream, and then let it sit while mom and dad "babysit" it until we decide that we just can't keep up everyone's ice cream so they better come get one more lick before it goes in the trash-and then they come get one more lick and throw it in the trash and then a WHOLE BUNCH of playland
Mom and Dad had fun chatting at the picnic table and playing with Gwyneth
Gwyneth had to check out the ice cream that John was eating
We should have seen this coming! She had chocolate ALL OVER her hand and was very adamant about eating it! She almost got it, but daddy got her cleaned up just in time!
A silly picture with daddy! Look at that belly!
Mommy and her shopping buddy! (:

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