Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Robin's Egg Blue

I have hanging baskets on our front porch, and we noticed this morning that there was a nest in one of them!! We checked, but it was empty. After running some errands today, we came home this evening and checked it out. Yep!! There is an egg!! Haydn wanted to get a better glimpse of it, so I just stuck my camera up in the air and snapped a shot. I intended on erasing it, but it looked so neat! It will be exciting to watch what happens.
While we were outside this morning, I thought I'd take a couple of the kids (while they were actually clean, which doesn't last very long!) Haydn was very cooperative. Thank you, Haydn.
Hutch, on the other hand, was not into pictures. I've learned that he isn't into pictures very often. Here is the best one of the two of them, and FORGET any alone! He covered his face and was out of there.
You can't tell very well, but Hutch has a skinned nose. He did a Petie on the blacktop at the ballpark last night while we were watching John's softball game, and Ouch!
...and Miss Gwyneth, getting sleepy before bedtime.

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