Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Dad.The Umpire

My dad is the best!!! In his free time (ha ha) he umpires girls' softball and refs basketball. He has done this for probably 12 years, and I have never ever watched him!! I know I sound like a bad child, but there is a valid reason. I always tell my dad that I'm afraid that I'll get in a fight with a mouthy fan (: Anyone who knows Larry knows that he hasn't a mean bone in him. I don't think I could watch people yell at him! He claims that they don't because he's so good! I believe that he is good, but I know how people are! The other night he was umping in Rockford, and he asked us to come watch! He assured me that summer ball is pretty laid back. It was funny how nervous I was to watch him. He did a GREAT job, and it was weird to see my dad in a totally different side of his life.
He IS a great ump. He had the honors of umpiring (is that a word??) the Girls High School State Tournament last month. Dad, I am so proud of you! You're the best!

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