Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good Luck Caleb!!

Our nephew Caleb (on the right) left last night for North Dakota for the summer (about 6 weeks?) to help his aunt Autumn and uncle Nathan on their farm. We are so excited for him, and know that he will have a great time. But-we still will miss him ): Caleb- you are a great young man, and have a super time! We'll see you soon! We had a little going away party for him Monday night, but I forgot my camera. This picture is from Mother's Day (with Camdyn). Last night when he left, Haydn WAILED for about half an hour, poor kid. He really thinks the world of Caleb, and doesn't really have a good concept of time. To him, it seems like he'll be gone Forever! To cheer him and Elliott up, we had Elliott over to spend the night tonight.

The two of them hamming it up!
After supper, we broke out a juicy watermelon on the front porch!

Digging in! They had a really fun and busy night running running running around! Notice that there's no Hutch? He crashed out early, and missed out on the watermelon!

Little Miss Ma'am, and The Hair!

Oh, and now there are two eggs! (there were three, but now one's missing?!)

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