Thursday, December 18, 2008

Specials Christmas Party

One of the Specials Nurses, Kathy, had everyone over for dinner on Sunday evening, since many of them weren't able to make it to the whole Radiology Department party that the doctors put on for them. We had a great time- she and Kenny have a beautiful home (and it's HUGE), and they were very gracious hosts. She had a formal sit-down dinner, and I especially LOVED her plates. They were beautiful. She said that they were her aunt's and she was borrowing them. That made me just a little nervous, since I'm kinda klutzy when it comes to stuff like that. We played pool, ping pong, games, and (my personal favorite) a vintage pinball machine. The company was great and the food was delicious. John is blessed with such a wonderful work team. They all wanted a picture together:
Back L to R: Amber, Denise, Linda, Sheri, Kathy and Chris
Front L to R: Dr. Church, Steve and John

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