Friday, December 5, 2008

Around the Christmas Tree

Last night at church, our Women's Committee held a Ladies' Night Out. I decided to host a table. The theme was "Around the Christmas Tree". Each hostess was in charge of setting her table and decorating it according to this theme. It was so fun to see everyone's take on the same theme. I was so glad to break out my antique dinnerware that collects dust most of the year! The hostess also invites women to sit at her table for the evening. At my table, I had Aunt Connie, Aunt Lisa, Lynette, Mom, Nancy, Ryanne, and Jackie. We had a great time, and I am so happy that everyone could make it!

A few people at my table were actually listening to the speaker! -and a few (maybe one) was hiding behind me! -and a few got cut out of the picture! Ha But other than that, this is our whole table!

A picture of my table before dinner

My centerpiece was a Pomander Pyramid. I took grapefruit and studded them with cloves. Then, I stacked them and added glittered greens (courtesy of dad!) I LOVED it, and I think that it turned out really well! It was so fragrant, too!

Another cool thing was that some of the men of the church served us. They all wore white shirts with bowties. How cute! I snapped a picture of Dad! and a picture of him in action. What a very gracious server!

The food was fabulous!
The menu:
Cranberry-Orange Salad
Christmas Tree Crouton
Creme Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast
Cranberry Orange Sauce
Christmas Rice Pilaf
Roasted Asparagus
Rolls with Christmas Butter
Cream Puff Trees

I took a picture of the Creme puff trees. Yummo!

Mom-enjoying her 'tree'!!

There were demonstrations on how to make cinnamon scented pinecones and how to make a Cream puff Christmas Tree as well as how to make Christmas Rice and Butter (I helped make all of the food, and the butter was SO cute. We spiced butter and then molded it into Christmas trees with candy molds. Then we sprinkled them with sanding sugar and put them on plates. Adorable!)

There was also a craft! We made Christmas Crackers! Jackie, putting her cracker to good use!
Tiffany forgot her camera, so she asked to borrow mine. I didn't realize that she didn't get a close-up of hers. It was SO adorable. The colors were teal and black, and it was so modern. So Tiffany!!
There was music, and I sang in a group a song called "Good News of Great Joy". It was a great program. I am so glad that my church does something like this.
The decorations in the gym were awesome!! There were about 50 Christmas trees set up and lit (probably not exaggerating). It was sooo pretty in the gym. After everything was over, we decided to take some pictures, using some of the trees as a backdrop, and since we all looked so drop-dead gorgeous!!
Nancy and me
Jackie, Me, and Ryanne
I have no explanation for what we are doing here!!

John stopped in to drop off Gwyneth, so I snagged him for a picture since he was so dressed up!! I figured out how Ryanne's kids have such GREAT pictures from studios. She was standing behind Nancy making faces!! And she is good at it (: I mean, look at John's smile! Ryanne-I am bringing you along with me whenever I take my kids' pictures!

Jackie spotted the castoff Creme Puff Christmas tree that was used for the demonstration. And she STOLE some of the puffs. I took this picture for photo evidence!!

One more shot of the centerpiece! I couldn't resist!

The message was given by a woman named Sue Vanderweir. She is a sweet lady, and she read the book The Three Trees to us using Power Point. You can click here to read the story (there aren't any pictures) It was so neat, and her message was based on that. What a fun evening! I'm glad I could share!

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The Evans Family said...

I had a really good time Tricia, your hard work paid off! Thank you for inviting me!