Monday, December 1, 2008

Pizza Preview

Haydn is playing Peewee Panther Basketball this year at Parkway. On Saturday, his team participated in a "Pizza Preview". This involves a day of all bball teams from peewee thru varsity scrimmaging in order to showcase what our teams look like this year. They also sell pizza, hence the name! The little guys get their 15 minutes (literally!) of fame. Haydn's league is K-2 grades, so he is young still. He loves it, and we're excited to see his skills develop! (:
After the "game", Haydn had to show Grandma Nancy the whole school, but especially his Panther Pride club picture that he workedd so hard daily to earn!
Can't find him?!!! He's in the bottom left pic w/ red shirt in the back row!!!

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