Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas #2: Christmas Morning

We had a great time Christmas morning at home with the kids. This was Gwyneth's First Christmas, and, unfortunately, she did not wake up in time to get her picture taken in front of the tree before presents were opened. I know! I know! This is a milestone! But, I just hate to wake a baby up! Maybe before I tear the tree down, I'll put the kids in their pajamas, switch the date on my camera to 12/25 and take a picture in front of the tree. Hmmm. (These moments of genius are something that we like to call "Mad Mommy Skills" around here. Have me tell you how we coined the phrase sometime.)Before we open presents, we always read the Christmas Story. The True Christmas story from Luke. This year, we decided to read a Children's Book that paraphrases the story, but seemed to hold Hutch's attention a little better. Then, the kids tore in.
Gwyneth finally rolled out of bed (not literally) to join us in the festivities. At first, this face summed her enthusiasm up.
She warmed up, and before long was digging in too. We thought she looked funny without a bow in her hair, so we added one (:
I think she liked her present!

John's mom came over and brought some peppered bacon. YUM. We made orange sweet rolls, which is a Price family tradition. After a quick game or two on the Wii, we were heading out to Christmas #3....

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