Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

Last night, we broke out the costumes and John, Nancy and I took the kids out for candy in Rockford.
Haydn was a ghost(a scary one)Hutch was a skeletonand Gwyneth was a little lambWe have never gone in Rockford before. Wow. So many people really get into it! This house on Main St. went all out. There were fog machines, music, sound effects, flying bats (see the guy on the roof fixing it). It was great-although a little scary to Hutch!After we came home, mom, dad, Tiff and her kids came over to see their costumes, eat, and hang out. All I have to say is that both of our moms are fun! This is what each of them showed up in.
(the heart blinked when she moved)
(mom made her own!)
and my mom brought lots and lots of DOUGHNUTS (John's favorite!). They went well with the mulled cider that Nancy brought!

Dad was getting into the golfing on the Wii!
Last night, both of the boys went to bed with tummyaches. Hmm. I wonder why? ...and now there is candy everywhere. I can't wait until it is gone. I'm tempted to just let the kids eat it until it is!
Haydn had a party at Claire's house today. They had so much fun. They played games, had snacks, pinata, and went on a hayride (we were outside working, and it went by!) He came home with a bag of candy! I think this is the last candy-getting venture!

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