Monday, November 17, 2008

Lunch at Granny Sharon and Papa Brent's

Sharon made her almost-famous Vegetable Soup for lunch on Saturday and invited us over. We had a great time hanging out with Brent & Sharon, Whit & Carolyn, Miss & kids and Scott & Christy and Zander and Zeren. After lunch, we watched the Buckeyes game on the internet, played euchre, and ate some more! The kids played like maniacs-as you can see below, all of the boys took shirts off, as they were too hot!

Alyssa (and Gwyneth)
Andrea (eating!)Gwyneth was loving a little car-thing that Sharon has.
As you can see, Hutch, Zander and Zeren are missing! Oops!!

Sharon is serious about her vegetable soup. She had 2 (YES TWO) roasters brimming with it!Sharon sent us home with full tummies, and with a HUGE container of soup. That's what's for supper tonight, and, I put a bunch in the freezer. Thanks!!!

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