Friday, November 14, 2008

Grandparents are Great!

Today at school, Haydn had a "Family Breakfast". He was allowed to invite two people for a fun morning in his classroom. He invited Grandma Shirley and Papa Larry.
They made a craft
They sang some songs

They had a snack
They read books
Haydn also had the privelege of walking them to the Commons Area to show them his picture posted on the wall for great behavior. They had a great time!
They stopped by our house before going home since it isn't very far from the school (;
We had some fun in store for them here!

Hutch showed grandma his tent

Gwyneth played with Papa

Hutch put on a "horse show" for them while I served them coffee

AND Vegas gave Grandma a BIG slobbery kiss (she is crazy-in-love with my mom)

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