Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Pictures

I heard about 20 times today between the television, radio, and real people, "Go outside and enjoy the day! It is going to be the last 'nice' day of the year! There's a cold front coming in tonight, and then it's going to be COLD." I figured that I should stop procrastinating on taking the kids' pictures for fall. When I picked the boys up for school, I changed them quickly and headed out. Gwyneth wasn't in the best moods-so there weren't many great great ones of her, but hey, at least she wasn't crying in all of them!

I said, "Show Mommy how much you love each other." This is what Hutch did. Gwyneth's not feeling it!My little man
Hutch was into getting pictures today, thankfully!
Gwyneth, sweet little one, loved the leaves!
I let the boys explore for awhile.
Hamming it up
I climbed half way up the slide, and thought this would make a cool picture

This is one of my most favorites! This is the scene I see so many times in my life-and I love it! I'm ready to leave, and I've just called the boys. Here they come, each in his own little world. What you don't see are the "treasures" that fill their pockets or are hidden from view. Haydn has a bunch of hickory nuts and Hutch fashioned a sword out of tree bark.
They will reside on our Nature Table

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