Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our 100th Post!!!!

Wow! 100 posts! I've seen people do "100 things about me" on their 100th post, but since this is a "we" blog, I thought I'd do "100 things about us"! Here we go:

1. He still lives in the house he grew up in.
2. He loves to work out in the garage. (Grease! Metal!)
3. He is a bit of a daredevil.
4. He was the president of his youth group.
5. He tends to be neat.
6. He is a Radiologic Technologist/Vascular Interventional Technologist by day.
7. Heroes is a must-see tv show for him.
8. He LOVES doughnuts, pancakes and sweet rolls.
9. He wants to learn to play the guitar.
10. He was baptized as an adult.
11. He has a dirtbike and a motorcycle.
12. He has a long torso (or is that short legs?!)
13. He played college football.
14. He has many hobbies.
15. He is very much mechanically minded.
16. He is a big sweetie!
17. He does not like to sit still.
18. He can walk across a room on his hands-and do a roundoff, back handspring, back tuck
19. He is very go-with-the-flow.
20. He is a super husband and father!

21. She has an un-natural fear of mice.
22. Next to teaching, her dream job would be a librarian. Seriously.
23. She has her ears pierced 7 times-but never wears earrings.
24. She plays the piano.
25. She has a Master's Degree in Education.
26. She tends to be messy.
27. Light blue is her favorite color.
28. She loves to play volleyball.
29. She doesn't like to get out of bed in the morning.
30. She loves photography.
31. She's never been to Florida.
32. She collects crosses.
33. She went to college for 8 years.
34. She's obsessed with Diet Cherry Pepsi, and calls it "DCP"!
35. She still likes Martha Stewart.
36. She teaches Sunday School.
37. Biggest Loser is her favorite television show.
38. She loves staying home while her kids are young.
39. Organizing is one of her hobbies.
40. She had braces in college.

41. He rides a dirtbike.
42. He was born with lots of red hair.
43. He can memorize things like crazy.
44. He loves books.
45. He runs very fast.
46. He is a little shy-at first!
47. He is wise beyond his years.
48. He collects rocks.
49. He is a great singer.
50. He has a very giving spirit.
51. He really really likes his teacher.
52. His favorite show is Scooby-Doo.
53. He had his tonsils removed when he was two and a half years old.
54. He loves nature.
55. He is very brave-when he needs to be.
56. He is very good at drawing.
57. His loves to eat tuna cakes.
58. Phys. Ed. is his favorite thing at school.
59. He is competitive.
60. He makes up his own recipes- and we bake and eat them!

61. He loves to play the harmonica.
62. He thinks that we might have a basement monster.
63. He "rhymes".
64. He has a very vivid imagination.
65. He does not like to wear shoes.
66. He likes John Deeres.
67. He "borrows" my camera without me knowing, and takes pictures a lot.
68. He gets hurt a lot.
69. He loves books.
70. He is a climber.
71. He is pretty laid back.
72. He is fearless.
73. He is a free spirit.
74. He is a mommy's boy when it comes down to it.
75. He does not like to sing in front of people.
76. He loves jokes and riddles.
77. He likes firefighters.
78. He attracts little girls wherever he goes (oh great!)
79. He loves chocolate milk and hot chocolate.
80. He likes to sleep with Ellie the Elephant (which was MY stuffed animal growing up!)

81. She is starting to squeal a lot.
82. She always curls her toes.
83. She does not drink from a bottle.
84. She weighed 9 pounds at birth.
85. She likes to snooze in her swing.
86. She is a very happy and pleasant little girl.
87. She has everyone wrapped around her little finger.
88. She likes dolls.
89. She kicks her feet constantly in her stroller when we go on walks.
90. She loves to play with her big brothers.
91. She slept through the night very early.
92. Her trademark is her ponytail on top of her head.
93. She has 4 teeth.
94. She won't wear shoes if she can help it.
95. She had heart murmurs that were gone by the time she was 2 1/2 weeks old.
96. Her hair looks more and more red all of the time.
97. Her nickname is "Gwynie" (not sure how to spell that!)
98. She sings.
99. She loves to play in her playpen.
100. She will be nine months old tomorrow!

And there you have it!

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