Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gwyneth's First Santa Claus Encounter

When we went to The Picture People yesterday, Santa Claus was hanging out in the store. While I was agonizing over which pictures to choose, (: Nancy handed her over to Mr. Claus. You can't tell it so much in this picture, but she LOVED him! She kept laughing and grabbing him. She even found out that, Yes!, his beard is real!! He ended up holding her and playing with her for about 5 minutes! She wouldn't go back to Nancy. Hope she enjoyed it! It probably won't happen again (I refuse to stand in line 2 hours for my kids to sit on Santa's lap!!!) am I a bad mom?

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Jamie Temple said...

Heck no, your not! I saw that line and sheilded Libbie's eyes. I told her that Santa must have been too busy at the North Pole to come to the mall, because my mom let it slip that he would be there! :)

We saw this Santa too,and Lib was so excited, she just kept staring and waving!