Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Party!

We had a Pumpkin Party last night! I *baked* lasagna and Nancy brought over Garlic bread and a cake! Gwyneth was checking out Grandma Nancy's new "pet"!
After supper, we carved the pumpkins that the kids got at Grandpa and Grandma's Farm! John drew about 8 different options for eyes, and then the boys would choose which one they wanted, then noses, etc. This way the kids got to "draw" their own faces! John helped them out cutting them. While they were doing this, I sat and picked out the seeds, put some oil and salt on them and roasted them! Yum. Everyone LOVED them!

The boys with their buddies on the front porch.
ooooooooooooooh. Scary!
Haydn's is the left, Hutch's the right

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