Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Morning Surprise

This morning, Haydn crawled into bed with me when John woke up. When my alarm went off a few minutes later, I started to push snooze (Not me?!!!) Haydn said that he wanted to get up to give me a "beginning of the month surprise" (I didn't even realize it was the beginning of the month)-and he didn't want me to come out of the bedroom until he said so! I asked him if it was something dangerous(hey, you know my kids!). He assured me it wasn't! As I got out of bed, I heard clanking in the kitchen and dining room. He came in and asked me if it was okay if he put toast in the toaster. He said he knew how to do it, but just wanted to make sure that it was okay before doing it (: I said ok. He finally came in with the candle lighter and asked me if I would light a candle. He revealed his surprise.. Breakfast by candlelight. How sweet. He even folded the napkins into triangles! The bowls were for applesauce, and he said that the plates were for pancakes, but he wasn't sure how to make those. I opted instead for the usual toad-in-the-road. This kid thought of everything. He even sat the cordless phone on the table beside my seat, just in case the phone rang, we wouldn't be interrupted by me having to get up and get it!!!!
I think he will make a good husband someday!! Thank you Haydn, you made the start of my day very sweet!

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