Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow! Glorious Snow!

Have I mentioned before how much I am LOVING the snow this year? We are getting so much of it.. It's great! I love not going anywhere, just loading up on a bunch of supplies and being home for days on end, only going outside to feed the animals and get the mail. Ahhhh. This is the life!

I was trying to take pictures of the snow, and it's hard to get a concept of just how much we have. Here is the front of our house. See the porch? We usually have two steps down to the ground. Today I made of fool of myself! (I know, and this is different how?) I don't know, but it was so embarassing that I have to tell you. I went to put some mail out in the box, and there was this huge drift going to the mailbox. Instead of walking around it where John had snow-blowed and going onto the road like any normal adult would, I thought, "Hey, I'll just run through it!" Yeah, I know. What was I thinking? Add on top of this I was wearing John's snowboots, and I have a stack of birthday invitations to mail. I started off strong, running through it. Then, my boots started falling off, and man! It was deep. (Past my knees). Finally, my feet stopped, but the rest of me didn't. I fell forward, dropped my invitations and was Stuck. I pulled my foot out of my boot trying to get it out of the drift. Let me just put it this way. It wasn't pretty. Plus, the whole time I'm laughing out loud. I mean, what else am I supposed to do?! I regain my composure. Walk calmly to the cleared path, and put my mail in the mailbox. THEN, I notice (why didn't I look before?) that our neighbor-kid (early 20's) is sitting in his truck at the end of his driveway watching me. Yeah. Hi, neighbor!!!

Here's Haydn by the scene. See my meandering path?The rest of the story... In my embarassment, I forgot to put the flag up, and Yep! The mail didn't get taken!!! Have a great day! I think I'll let John take out the mail today!


The Evans Family said...

That's hilarious! Too bad I wasn't there to see it!! (I'm sure I'd have laughed till I cried - then farted!)

Ridenour Family said...

I actually thought of you on my way back inside. I thought, "Jackie should have totally seen that!!" It kinda reminded me of the whole BroadRipple Place situation- except with snow instead of sludge!

The Evans Family said...

I TOTALLY forgot about that!! I'm laughing out loud right now!!!!! At least you can just shake the snow out of your hair!