Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Bought My First Real Six-String

Last weekend, John got a guitar! He was like a kid in a candy shop! When we got home (no kids-they were at nana's) he got it out, and messed around with it intently for a loooooong time. Sometimes, John will do something and I have a moment that transcends time, and I see our boys in 25 years!! This was one of those moments, and I could just imagine Haydn doing the same thing.
I got him a pick that says, "Pick Jesus". He loves it!! My brother let him borrow some instructional DVDs that he has, so it's just John and Esteban! I hope that he becomes really proficient. I think it would be neat to play the piano and guitar together! We'll keep you updated-maybe with a video (:

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