Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas #4,5 & 6

On the day after Christmas, we headed over to John's mom's house for their family Christmas. After we ate, she had a craft for the kids. They all made a Baby Jesus in the manger. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the finished product. They were adorable!Santa Claus showed up to pass out presents to the kids!! and then let Gwyneth borrow the famous hat for a quick picture!Tyler and GwynethThe Grandkids

The next day, Saturday, we had a brunch at my mom and dad's with our families for our gift exchange. My mom always has a little skit-thing with the families. This year, she scripted out the Christmas Story in Luke to coordinate the nativity characters with the scripture. Caleb read the entire scripture part, and each family's kids had certain nativity people they placed in the scene at a certain time. It was so cute, and I love the effort that she puts into it! I think the kids will distinctly remember this about Christmas at their house when they grow up.
Elliott doing his part!

My boys waiting in the "wing" for their appointed time!

Hutch got the funniest present! Eric & Amber got him a giant stuffed fish, and he love love loves it! Camdyn had to show off his pajamas to everyone. We found the kids watching Elliott play his PSP.

Mom admiring litle Gwyneth
John's mom bought me "Holiday Socks", and was very excited about me wearing them, so I took this picture. Nancy, this one's for you!

We had the Lloyd Family Christmas at Rex & Lisa's Sunday evening. We always have a great time seeing everyone, and this year was no exception!!
I loved these cupcakes. Lisa made the snowflakes and stars with white chocolate. How pretty!

The garland on her fireplace was gorgeousThe centerpieces
Tammy and Lynette

Logan and Beckie

Tammy, Tiffany, and Tricia
The 3 T's

Connie, Mom and Lisa
After we ate, all of the guys cleared the pretty tables and played cards

Adam had a good time playing with Gwyneth

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