Monday, January 26, 2009

Feet Pajamas

The other night when I was tucking the boys into boys into bed, I was admiring how cute they looked in their feet pajamas. Then I had the realization that it probably won't be very long until Haydn won't wear them ): I snapped some pictures of Haydn in his. I think these pictures are the ones that I will pull out in twenty years and have the fondest memories of. The little things that are part of every day life. Kissing the kids goodnight after the "nigh-night" story and prayers, their sweet little faces all soft and clean from their bath. Tucking them in "snug as a bug in a rug", and handing them their stuffed animal. Rolling your eyes as they beg for one more drink of water because they are so "firsty". Yeah, I'm sure these are the ones that will bring a smile to my face, and maybe a tear to my eye. But for now, I'm going to appreciate these moments. Try to breathe them all in and store them in my memories for those nights when I'm lying in bed wondering where they are... It's past curfew.

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The Evans Family said...

That's funny! My kids hate pajamas with feet in them!!