Wednesday, January 21, 2009

16 Things


*have never had fake nails. Not even for my wedding day or for proms.

*have evidentally always had a thing for redheads. Stories say that I walked up to a redhead the first day of Kindergarten and kissed him. Almost twenty years later, I married one!

*love to take pictures. In 3rd grade, I took a photography project in 4H and received Outstanding of the Day at the State Fair.

*am not an animal person, despite growing up on a farm, and trying really hard to be one. I don't hate them, but I could really live without them.

*could read before I turned 3. (I peaked out early)

*love to play volleyball. Unfortunately, I'm not playing anywhere right now.

*never took swimming lessons.

*went to college 8 years, changed my major oh, about 4 times, and finally ended up with a M.Ed in Middle Child Education. This is what I wanted to do from when I was a kid, but for many different reasons didn't do until 8 years later!

*don't use the degree mentioned above! I stay home with my kids until they all go to school, and THEN I will put it to good use! I love this decision.

*learned to drive a stick shift AFTER I bought the car, on my way to Lima the next day, on my own, on I-75.

*have a thing for office supplies. I know, it's geeky, but so am I!

*don't really care for crowds. For instance, walking in front of everyone at High School basketball games- I hate it!!!!!

*don't watch much tv, but I can't miss The Biggest Loser!

*went through the windshield in my dad's truck when I was little when we got in a wreck, and I have a little bump, scar thingy on my forehead still.

*am a born-again Christian, and have a personal relationship with God.

*don't like to wake up in the mornings, so I have John ask me (in a whiny voice) if I'll please get up and make him some coffee before work. It works like a charm every time to get me out of bed.

There you go. Sixteen things about me that you may or may have not known. Jackie tagged me, and now I tag Kelly and Paula.


The Evans Family said...

The only words that come to mind after that are SUCKER STICK!!!Haha

Ridenour Family said...

only a true friend would know that!!!!