Friday, January 30, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

Last Sunday at my mom and dad's house after church, I wanted to set up a little "studio" and take people's pictures. I asked my mom to sit in so I could figure out the settings, and in true form, she was being a goofball-making a silly face for each picture despite me and Tiff saying "Mom!" and rolling our eyes. She got us laughing, and it evolved into everyone sitting for a goofy portrait session! Tiff settled in for a nap with Camdyn, and my battery died before they woke up, so Camdyn is the only grandchild missing. I'm getting everyone else next week!!

The original Goofball!

I finally made her take a "normal" one, so we also followed suit with each kid and had them take a "normal" one, too!
...and her offspring!!

Caleb Marshall

Lainey Ruth

Elliott Haydn

Haydn Charles

Hutch Warren

Gwyneth Rae

John & I even got in on the fun (I mean... How could you resist?!!!)

My mom and I are going to do a fun project with these pictures!! I can't wait!

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