Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last Saturday evening when we were having a watermelon moment, Hutch decided he'd help himself to seconds without letting anyone know! (: We made a trip to the ER that night and he got 2 stitches in his thumb. He chose mommy to stay in with him (I was so flattered), and he was such a brave little boy! While we were in the waiting room, he tried to convince us all that he was just fine, and we should head home, because it was "all better". (he's so like John) We promised him ice cream afterwards. We had to head to a 24/7 McDonalds! He also scored a Happy Meal, just because he wanted one! The toy:
Hutch didn't let a few stitches stop him from playing outside in the water.
One of the girls at Play Group said, "Oh, you'll have to take pictures and put it in his scrapbook, 'Hutch's First Stitches'". I told her, "Yeah right, these are his Seconds!!" Wow, Hutch, you'd better slow down. You're catching up with Daddy.
On a lighter note... Gwyneth started Baby Food! She isn't too keen on it, but she'll get the hang of it!

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