Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daredevil Show!

We went to a Four-Wheeler Daredevil Show last night in Ohio City. This guy jumps a four-wheeler over nine cars! Let me say that again. Nine cars! (okay, actually eight and a space - which counts as nine. Hey, this is Ohio City, you can't have it all!!!) The kids went WILD! They absolutely thought it was the greatest and most daring thing, ever.
Here is "Pitbull" in the air. He went so fast, he's actually a blur!
After the show, he let the kids sit on one of his "quads". This is the one he jumped on the David Letterman Show.
He is a super nice guy with the kids. Haydn got an autograph! On his arm! With permanent marker! Yesssss!
The best part of the whole situation is the take-home application!

The kids want a ramp in the backyard.

I say we just get one of these instead!

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Kelly said...

Reading your blog makes me miss living there...See ya at Whit's wedding! btw your kids are so cute, little daredevils building a ramp! I would have grey hair before I was 35 if they were mine. Colin is just starting to get scary!