Saturday, July 12, 2008

Air Show

John has a RC Airplane that he has never flown- well besides the one time he accidentally did and wrecked it. Don't ask. Anyway, there is a flying club near our house, and John is thinking about joining so he can have someone actually show him how to do it.
Today they had an exhibition on the grounds, and we decided we'd go take it in. How neat. Even Gwyneth seemed to enjoy herself! Here are some of the planes. There were a whole bunch, and a lot even bigger than these. They also had little helicopters that reminded us of hummingbirds!
To give you an idea of their size!!
Across the road, there is a "Quilted Rock"- so we just had to get our pictures with it. It kinda reminds me of the Big Ball O' Yarn!
This rusty old thing was sitting behind the Quilted Rock.


The Vincent Scene said...

What did somebody do, find a rock, paint it like a quilt and stick a sign on it. I bet they had to put a lot of thought into that one. That just cracks me up!

Ridenour Family said...

It's at the end of a long lane- I think it is some sort of stone quarry or something?! It had to have taken forever to paint because that thing is HUGE! I'm sure there is some sort of joke behind it?