Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Zoo Trip

Today we decided to head to Toledo to visit their zoo. We love this zoo, and try to make an annual trip.
Since we are members, and John so wonderfully packed our lunch-and also stashed snacks and drinks for us throughout the entire day including afterwards (:, we spent a whopping $15 on the trip, not including gas. (only $8 was actually spent at the zoo for train rides. The rest was spent towards the ever important coffee shop stop in Bluffton on the way home!!!) We didn't even have to buy the kids something from the gift shop since they were given free rubber snakes as some zoo educational hands-on experience. Yay! Talk about a cheap trip!
While we were waiting to board the train, we noticed this sign. It made me a little nervous- I know how my kids are!!!!!!

Checking out the elephants My three little bunnies!
The Toledo Zoo has such wonderful old structures that were built in the early 1900's. I wish I could spend a whole day just photographing these~
The aquarium is so neat. We were pretty tuckered out by this time, and didn't get to spend as much time as we'd like in here.

Haydn, intently watching the fish Hutch on the African train ride
They have GORGEOUS gardens!!! There are very old and established. I think they were part of the very original part way back when they built the zoo. This is my favorite part of this zoo, hands down. Unfortunately, we turned our route around this year, and did not get to these until the end. It was hot and we were all tired. Also, how do plants even compare to polar bears for the kids?!
Like I said earlier, we stopped in Bluffton on the way home for coffee and also to feed Gwyneth. Hutch was sleeping, so John and Haydn ran in while I fed Gwyneth. She was super all day. Here she is playing with mommy in the front seat. She kept trying to get the camera. She is sooo grabby!

We also swung by Van Wert and visited Papa Larry and Grandma Shirley for a little bit and then stopped in Ohio City to see Grandma Nancy. How funny that both grandparents are actually on the way home!

When we pulled in the driveway, these strange boxes were in front of the garage?!!! The kids wondered whatever they could be?! I think John had a good guess.While John was tearing into the mystery boxes, the kids and I sat on the front porch with some ice cream and raspberries that we picked at Nancy's house on the way home. Yummy!!!
John finally revealed what was in the boxes.... Wheels for his truck!!! This was definitely John's favorite part of the day!

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