Thursday, July 17, 2008

Church Picnic

Our church had its annual picnic last night at the Smiley Park. We had a nice visit with our "family"!
There are snow cones for everyone to enjoy (bottom left)There is even a bouncy thing-for a little while Hutch was the only one in there. Talk about every kid's dream!!!
Some of the younger ones played a game of Drip. Drip. Splash! with my mom. It's like Duck. Duck. Goose. but instead of tapping, you use a squishy water ball and splash the one you choose.
Camdyn loved bouncing!
Some of the youth fishing


Evans Family said...

Tricia you're showing a little of your Dad!! "at the Smiley Park" !! Reminds me of something he would say.

Ridenour Family said...

I'll take that as a compliment!! (;