Saturday, July 5, 2008

Holiday at Home

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We had a great Independence Day. I picked up John's mom in the morning with intentions of going to the parade. We had a very bare bones schedule for the day, and just kind of had a "what next" kind of day. Those are my favorites, and it seems like whenever we don't have strict plans and just go with the flow we have the most fun.

When I was getting ready in the morning, I was listening to WBCL on the radio. They had Ace Collins as a guest for the Midmorning program, and he talked about his book
I only heard part of the broadcast, but I did hear the story behind the Star Spangled Banner. It was very interesting, and I think I might check out the book-maybe you could, too, and let me know what you think!

John, of course, got called into work right before we left for the parade, so he missed it.

Nancy and Gwyneth waiting for the parade. Yes, that is a hooded sweater. It was chilly!
Haydn rode on our church's float. This kid is quite the little parade man! Here's the group before. The float is based on our Bible School Theme for this summer "Dino Detectives". Haydn's on the top left.

Here he is! He wasn't waving much. I asked him why and he said His arms were tired by then. Sigh. Poor thing!Hutch is currently caught up on 2 phrases. 1-"sweet" as in,
Me:"Here's your chocolate milk, Hutch."
Hutch: "Sweet!"
2-"donkeyhead" ?!?!
I'm not sure where he got this from, but he uses it constantly. Here's my personal favorite application... He has a shirt with "I heart Dad" on the front. The other day he was wearing it and came in and said, "Mom, do you know what this says? It says I-love-donkeyhead!!!!" (hilarious laughter) WHAT?
I almost fell over laughing when this came through the parade. A real live Donkeyhead!!!! What? Hutch bonded with it immediately!Next stop. Old Fashioned Farmer's Day. Pretty interesting! I personally was obsessed with this cool golf cart!They had barrel rides for the kids. How funny. They have a lawn tractor pulling about 8 of these around the fairgrounds. My kids loved them and rode about 5 times. Hutch cried when he got off each time.
They also had antique car races. That was really neat to watch.

Next we decided to see Kung Fu Panda. HOW CUTE!!! There were only 2 other people in theatre!

After a trip to Wal Mart, we met up with John's sister, who was getting off work, out in a field to take in the Fireworks display
Haydn found a wild raspberry bush and ate them while we were waiting!
We had a full day, and everyone was very sleepy on the way home. Especially dad and mom!

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