Sunday, June 7, 2009



On Friday, Tiff and I walked our kids up to Fountain Park in Van Wert for the annual ArtRageous festival as well as Peony festival activities that were going on there. We had a great time!


Haydn heard that there would be "art" there for sale, so we had to count up some money from his piggy bank so he could purchase some! He spent a long time scoping out all of the possibilities, weighing the options. He finally decided on a hand-blown glass paperweight. Some of the selling points of this choice was 1-it's Parkway Panthers' colors 2-It's not easily broken (we hope!) 3-he'll be able to take it to college with him and put it on his desk (ha) 4-it wasn't a mosquito made out of metal to put on the lawn (I may have had something to do with this point!)
I think he made a good decision- and here is the proud new owner of art directly after his purchase!


There was an Exotic Petting Zoo. The kids enjoyed feeding kangaroos as well as other cool things!
Lainey got to go Mining for some fossils-and she found some! Here is Tiffany sorting them out from the rest!

We took a break at "The Fountain Park". Tiffany said, "I feel like a hood." -anyone from VW will know what I'm talking about. And, is hood even a word anymore?!!!!

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