Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend

We had a great weekend! Here's a rundown of what we did:
*Birthday dinner @ Bob Evans
*Went to watch the movie, UP! with Grandpa Larry and Grandma Shirley. Highly recommend it!
* A trip to Rocky Top for ice cream
*shampooed our carpets
*got a goat for Haydn's birthday. Surprised him by putting the goat in a feed sack. (haydn was shocked!)
*Our own little birthday party with our family on Haydn's actual birthday w a minature cake.
*Named the goat "Billy" but we'll call him "Bill" for short.
*Birthday party here for Tricia's family with a campfire
*Had an "interesting" experience watching the neighbor-involving cars parking to block off the "closed" road, police, a couple shouting matches (not with us!), and a garden hose!
* Church-I was supposed to sing a solo in the morning, but my cd didn't work- while I was standing in front of the congregation for about 5 minutes (even though the cd worked before church when I practiced)! I ended up reading the words to the song *embarassing moment for Tricia!!*
*Lunch at my mom and dad's house
*A Birthday party at Sharon & Brent's for John's family

All-in-all... a GREAT weekend!

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