Thursday, August 27, 2009

All About Haydn

Have I mentioned before that Haydn's First Grade Teacher is great?! Well. She is! She sent home a paper bag for Haydn with directions to put five items in the bag that tell about him. He *finally* and painfully narrowed it down to the five items above! Why? I will bore you with the details!
1. Picture of Babe: He loves his horse and riding her. He also likes his dad a lot!
2. Paperweight: (remember this?) Haydn likes art a lot, and he also likes to make things. (He double-wrapped this in packing material. He said, "you know, you spend twenty-five bucks on a paperweight, you just don't want it to break.") I hear ya.
3. Hot Wheel: He likes to collect hot wheels. He also likes cars in real life and likes to go to car shows with his family. And he wants a green challenger when he grows up.
4. Crystal: He likes to collect rocks, and likes nature and science. His Dad got this in Arkansas, which he also likes to go on trips with his family.
5. 'Rad' The Webkinz: He loves Webkinz, and has about 13 between he and his brother.
He was very excited to take this stuff in this morning and share it with his class!

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