Monday, August 17, 2009

Hidden Talent

This guy's got potential, I tell ya'! As promised, I am blogging about Jim's shirt! Tiffany divulged the secret that he made this shirt himself. (not the shirt, but the stuff on it). He sort of nonchalantly said, "yeah", and left it at that. Then, my aunt Lisa recognized the technique, and said that she saw on a Rachael Ray segment how to make it! Yep. Guilty as charged. Jim saw how to make it on Rachael Ray and actually did it. I won't give *all* of Jim's secrets away, but it involved a handmade stencil (freezer paper), an iron, bleach, and vinegar! Who knew?
Oh, Jim. Such a funny guy!

(The picture was blurry because I had to chase him around to get a picture of it. I seriously was hiding behind things to get a sneak attack!)

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