Friday, March 6, 2009

Hutch's 4th Birthday Party (John's side)

Tonight, we had John's family over for Hutch's Birthday party. We had a great time, and Hutch got SO many Monster Trucks and things to go with them. He also got a pet dinosaur!

His cake. We had to stick a Monster Truck on top of it! It was delicious (If I do say so myself (:The view from the top. sort-of. It actually says "Happy Birthday", but Maximum Destruction is covering it!

Showing off his banner in the kitchen. This is the only time he gets to get on the counter without getting in trouble. He looks so proud!! (That's why we do these things!)Hutch and his cousins (and Haydn) getting ready to blow out the candles. Andrea and Alyssa are such little mother-hens to my boys. It's so cute!This is my favorite picture! Haydn recruited some friends at school to color with him, and he made Hutch a HUGE number 4! It was adorable when Hutch figured out what it was. He just giggled and covered his mouth. He also got "Grace" in his classroom to make a card. To Hutch. From Haydn. By Grace. (Management material here!!) Haydn is a super-great big brother, and I am very proud of him!

I am dressing my boys alike as long as I can, which probably won't be much longer!One of the toys (actually 2, he got a duplicate) launches monster trucks. What's better than HAVING a bunch of monster trucks?~ LAUNCHING them!!!

In this picture, Whit shot it at Haydn. The truck flew through the air right here and smacked him right on the head! I love the look on Bryon's face! Priceless.As you can see, it was the BIG boys who played with the launching-spinning-flaming game, not so much the little ones.

Hutch, you bring such joy to our family. Your kind heart and calm spirit are so sweet. You are SO smart and funny! We are thankful for every moment we have with you, and pray that you grow to be a God-loving man. Thank you for being you. You're just right!

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