Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Big Day!

Yesterday, Hutch had his tonsils out. He did a wonderful job!

We had to be there really early, so my mom and dad came to our house so they could bring the kids up later. Hutch insisted on wearing his pajamas, instead of getting dressed!
In the waiting room
He got a teddy bear, cute little green pjs, and the remote. What more could a 4 year old ask for? He wouldn't even look at me for the pictures. (spongebob was on!)
He had quite the support system in the waiting area! Nana, Papa Larry, Haydn, Gwyneth, Mommy, Daddy, and Pastor Bryan all hung out while we waited.
He got to ride this car back to surgery. What a fun thing. Very stress-free!!
After surgery. We got to talk to the anesthesiologist. He said that we have a very brave little boy! The main thing that bothered him was the fact that he wanted the iv GONE!

Nana and Papa posing for a picture before they went home
We were home by a little after 2:00. He was doing so well drinking and keeping things down, and walking around that we were outta there! On the way home, we went through McDonalds, and he had a few fries and chicken nuggets!

When we got home, this balloon boquet came from Granny Sharon and Papa Brent! This brightened his day significantly!!
I went to Awana, and John stayed home with Hutch and Gwyneth. Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Jim and Camdyn came over to visit for awhile (daddy forgot to take pictures, but that's okay!)

Later, Uncle James and Karissa stopped in for a visit, too!

Before bed, he was up at the table, playing with stickers

We could just feel God's loving arms around us throughout the whole experience. It almost seemed too easy (but we're NOT complaining!) Thank you for your prayers!
**He went to Wal-Mart this morning to pick out his birthday presents! *

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