Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Get-Together

John's Brother, James, is home for awhile. His daughter, Alayna, is also in town for a couple of days. Since we haven't seen James in a long time, and Alayna in even a LONGER time (like 5 years!), we all got together last night. The kids had a riot playing together. They all play together so well, it's amazing. We could not get over how much Alyssa and Alayna look alike! They could almost pass for twins.

They clicked right away, and Alyssa, Alayna and Andrea were inseparable-doing hair and makeup and nails. Oh my! We also had a lot of wrestling and general running around like the wild kids they are (: Most of this was outside or in the basement, thankfully! James does a GREAT "Steve" impersonation from Blue's Clues, and Haydn always begs him to play Blue's Clues until he finally gives in, and acts out an episode (or two) with the kids. It's quite hilarious, actually. He plans out clues and plants them throughout the house. Tonight's episode's clues included Grandma Nancy, a picture, and a box of crayons. Blue wanted the kids to color pictures for Grandma Nancy!
Which they all happily did (:
What a funny thing! They also posed for some pictures together.

So cute, if I do say so myself. And had to get the funny face one, as well.
These are from Thursday night, as they stopped in for a little while. Haydn was showing Alayna the ropes on the Wii.
She caught on SO well, that she actually beat him! He didn't believe her that this was the first time she played. And, a picture of the three siblings, John, Missy, and James
James and Alayna
My kids with Alayna, their "new cousin" (:
Brothers don't shake hands! Brothers gotta' hug!

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