Monday, March 9, 2009

Grand Prix!

Our Awana Club had it's Annual Grand Prix on Saturday morning. We always enjoy going, and choosing our cars for the event. They set up a huge track, and each person has to bring a new Hot Wheels vehicle still in the box to race against other people in your club. They really make it a big deal, which I think is cool! They even have Judges and this year they set up a video camera on the finish line, with a live feed to a big TV screen so the audience could see the finish line from their seats. They also go back and pause it if there was a question about the winner (: This was Gwyneth's First Year racing! She beat Camdyn, for 1st Place in the Pre-Cubbies Race! Go Gwyneth!! Haydn did a great job racing, too. He placed 2nd place in the Sparks Division (Elliott got third). Look how handsome he is up there! Hutch got First Place in the Cubbies Division, 2nd Place Overall, and also got the Sportsmanship Award for the Cubbies. Great job, Hutch! (I think this picture is going in the Van Wert Independent)
Adults also race-John has been saving a car for awhile now, (I mean like years-but don't tell John I told you)!! ~We were getting ready to leave that morning to go to the Grand Prix and Hutch started crying-saying that he wanted a different car from the one he had chosen. He looked at John with little puppy dog eyes, and asked him if he could switch John. *The ultimate parenthood test* John switched cars, and that is the car that Hutch won with!! (John got smoked!) What a good Daddy! (;

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