Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heart & Soul Patrol

The WBCL Heart & Soul Patrol did a Tiny Town Tour yesterday. John and I were SO excited to hear that they were coming to Rockford-and on Tuesday, his day off!! They said that the first person to spot them in town got a t-shirt. We were all fired up about this! They said they were coming into town at 1:00. Our plan was to sit at TJ's so we could watch them come into 118 and grab up the shirt!!! About 5 'till, we were going uptown to wait, and we saw them already parked on the side of the street with someone else spotting them first. Oh well. We tried! Ron Schneeman(not sure of the spelling) said that woman was pretty vicious! Whil we didn't score the shirt (whose would it be, anyway?) but we got some really cool water bottles. Two of them, even, so we don't have to share!!!!

Tricia with the booty!

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