Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Gwyneth is all about her daddy (and vice-versa!) She cries every time he walks out of the room. She lunges for him if he comes near. She stares at him while she eats her baby food. It's so cute! John thinks it is so cool, since she has been such a mommy's girl so far! John and I took her for her checkup on Tuesday while the boys were both in school. John is such a good dad-you'd think that Gwyneth was his first, the way he oohs and ahhs over her. He has been this way with all three of our children. He is a very hands-on and helpful father. (I bet he's changed more diapers than some moms!!!) I am so thankful that John is not only a wonderful husband, but a super great daddy! Our kids certainly are lucky!!!!!
Posing for a picture in the waiting room. It was so funny. I got my camera out and she opened her mouth wide open and just sat there with it open until I took the picture! Her stats: Weight 18 pounds 4 ounces
Length 29 inches
We were THRILLED that she is in the 50-75th percentile in weight!
She cried during her shots, but not because it hurt so much. It seemed like it was more because her feelings were hurt. It was SO sad. She just looked at us like, "Why???!!!!" Enough to melt your heart!

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